What is A Million Hands?

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What is A Million Hands?

We want to mobilise half a million Scouts in support of four social issues chosen by our young people. From dementia to those disabled by society, from improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of our communities to ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation…These are big issues of our time, but our young people want to tackle them head on.

Our aim is to build real and lasting relationships in communities that will enable young people to continue taking social action long into the future. We are marrying our Movement of over half a million people, reaching into every community across the UK, with the knowledge and expertise of organisations committed to social change.

By providing you with high quality Resource Packs, access to local support and activities completely aligned with existing badges and awards within the 6-25 Programme, we want to help our young people keep their promise to help other people.

Sign up today at www.amillionhands.org.uk. #amillionhands

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