Scouting in the Arab Republic of Syria

//Scouting in the Arab Republic of Syria

Scouting in the Arab Republic of Syria

syriaScouting in Syria was founded in 1912 when Greater Syria was a major province of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, the country has experienced significant political and boundary changes. Today, the association is open to members of all faiths and of both genders. The number of Scouts at this time can only be estimated at less than 9,000 with so many Syrians having left the country as refugees going to the Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Europe.

Here we can see that the Scouts have made some cakes to distribute with presents for children at Christmas time in Damascus.

It must be extremely difficult for Scouts in Syria today with political turmoil, civil war and military action taking place across the country.

We can only applaud their dedication to humanitarian actions where needed.

Five Syrian Scouts managed to attend the World Scout Jamboree in Japan and produced their own commemorative badge – surely a collector’s item.

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