Make a Paper Poppy for Remembrance Day

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Make-a-poppyMaking a paper poppy is a nice activity for Remembrance Day.

You need very little to do this, but anything you can get your hands on will just add to the finished piece.
What you need:

  • Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Red Paper (or white paper, and red pens)
  • Glue

Extras you could use:

  • Shiny Red Card
  • Butons
  • Green Paper for leafs
  • Hot Glue Gun

Please feel free to download the work sheet below, but remember this is just a guideline. Each poppy should be individual like the Cub, Scout, or Beaver making them.

When finished attach to a flower ring, or polystyrene ring painted green and you have your very own hand made wreath.