County Cub Night Hike 2015

//County Cub Night Hike 2015

County Cub Night Hike 2015

This weekend was the annual County Cub Night Hike 2015. This was attended by 2 packs from the district 1st Orwell, and 6th Royston. The theme this year was pioneering, and each team was expected to learn a few knots, and lashings, that would be used during the evening. Two teams headed out at 6pm and returned after a 15km hike just after midnight.


Around the hike there were 6 bases:

  • Bomb Disposal
  • BBQ and Slings
  • Lashing Challenge
  • Rope Making
  • First Aid Challenge
  • Pioneering A Frames

Everyone had a great evening, and presented the next day with there Pioneering Badges, and a County Cub Night Hike Badge to ware on there uniforms.

Next years event will be on the 24th/25th September so book the date now…

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