10 Cubs get Chief Scout’s Silver Award

//10 Cubs get Chief Scout’s Silver Award

10 Cubs get Chief Scout’s Silver Award

On Monday 14th September our DC, Geoff Kavanagh, presented 9 Cubs from the 10th Royston Cub Pack with their Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

In total 10 Cubs completed the work required to complete their Silver Award over their summer holidays but unfortunately only 9 were in attendance at the meeting. With the old Silver Award programme being withdrawn at the end of September, the group Akela reviewed the progress that all the Cubs had made towards their Silver Award before their summer holiday. As a result of this review he identified 10 Cubs who were in a position to complete their Silver Award with a little extra work over the break.

The amount of work required to complete the Silver Award varied from signing off a single activity to earn the final Challenge Award right up to having to complete 6 or 7 tasks to earn three more Challenge Awards. A sheet was given to each of the Cubs at the beginning of the holidays and each of the Cubs completed what they needed to do to earn their Silver Award over the break.

Being in a position to award 10 Cubs their Silver Award following the holiday is a testament to their commitment and willingness of the Cubs to work hard even when they are on holiday.


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